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Chapter 9. - the FIRST BACK BLOW

We made it - we did it! But it's not selling as we predicted. We took a big risk and it's taking a toll on us. Reality is sometimes truly a bitch of a thing to face..

Our first expo appearance in the Nordic Fitness Expo 2016 is coming up fast, the guys in our crew are fighting together, the money is getting tight because of low sales and high upkeep, and so the big monster called stress walks in to the play. Are we done already?!?.. 


RÄÄKKI CEO Riku trying to be athletic while mr. UNIIKKI spits fire about being fit [fin: tikis]


 As we spoke to Uniikki about the gear we have to offer him to wear on his video, I remember him replying to us, "fresh looking gear guys. I gotta ask an OK from the production, but sure! Can you get me the shirts?"

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